Halal Nail Polishes

Current Date: Monday, 24th June 2024 | Article updated on Tuesday, 24th July 2018

Nail polishes for Muslimas

What does halal actually mean? The word halal comes from Arabic and means “allowed”. There are different spellings of the word: halal (used in German), halāl (used in Arabic), helal (used in Turkish). The counterpart of halal is haram, which means “forbidden”. Muslims who live strictly according to their religious faith must take many things into account in their lives. For example, they perform their prayers several times a day and during it they perform a ritual washing in order to come before God with a purified body. Women must not wear therefore make-up or conventional nail polish during prayer.

In addition, the sacrifice of certain products is for example an important issue. Muslims abstain for example from alcohol, pork (pigs are considered as impure animals) and certain animal substances (e.g. porcine gelatine). The sacrifice of certain things extends to all products – cosmetics are just as much involved as, for example, food. Therefore, Muslimas can often have a hard time when it comes to cosmetics. Cosmetic products must not contain certain ingredients that are considered as haram (forbidden). Among the forbidden ingredients are for example alcohol, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and other substances that could be harmful to the body. Certain animal substances may also not be contained in cosmetic articles. Nail polishes, for example, would also be impractical for Muslimas which perform their prayers. The nail polish would have to be removed before each prayer in order to perform the ritual prayer washing correctly.

In order to find suitable cosmetic products that are halal, Muslimas have to read the long ingredient lists on the backs of the products. Only then they can be to 100 percent sure that they can buy a certain product. But nowadays there are more and more halal cosmetics, which are also advertised as halal. For this purpose, the products are usually provided with seals of approval for halal products. These seals of approval make it much easier for Muslimas to find halal cosmetics (e.g. halal nail polishes) without having to read through the numerous ingredients. Here you will find a list of different seals of approval: Seals of approval for cosmetic products.

There are any cosmetic products for which halal alternatives are available – whether make-up, lipstick or nail polish. But when is a nail polish actually considered as halal and may be described as such? A nail polish is only halal if it is water and air permeable and does not contain alcohol, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, etc. If a nail polish has these properties, it may be advertised as halal nail polish. The special thing about halal nail polishes is that Muslimas can also wear it during the prayer. The permeability to water and air makes it possible to perform the ritual prayer washing. Water and air can completely penetrate the nail through the halal nail polish so that the whole body can be cleaned. There are several nail polish manufacturers that already have halal nail polishes in their assortments or which are specialized only in halal nail polishes. The following link leads you to the list of halal nail polish manufacturers: Halal nail polish manufacturers.

If you still think that nail polish have nothing to search on your nails during a prayer, you can simply remove it beforehand. For the most halal nail polishes is not nail polish remover necessary, because they are so-called peel off nail polishes. To remove the peel off halal nail polish, you must only hold your fingernails in warm water for four to five minutes. The nails are soaked and the nail polish can then be easily peel off like a gummy layer without leaving any residue. Besides the peel off halal nail polishes there are also halal nail polishes which can only be removed with nail polish remover, like conventional nail polishes. There are also alternatives for these cases: for this type of halal nail polishes there are manufacturers who sell special halal nail polish remover.

Today there is already a selection of manufacturers producing halal nail polishes. In addition, many manufacturers offer vegan products and even produce cruelty-free nail polishes and nail polishes suitable for children. Let yourself be surprised by the variety and have a look at our lists of nail polish manufacturers who sell products which are halal, vegan, cruelty-free and suitable for children.

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