Cruelty-free nail polishes

Current Date: Monday, 24th June 2024 | Article updated on Thursday, 12th July 2018

Nail polishes for animal protection friends

Products that are not tested on animals (e.g. cruelty-free nail polishes) are sometimes not so easy to find. Animal testing is often carried out, despite today’s technology. In medicine, for example, new medicament for various diseases are first tested on animals before they appear on the market. Although to carry out experiments on animals is a very costly and time-consuming matter: keeping of the animals, the additional staff that may be required and the duration of the experiment, which can often be weeks or months. Added to this is the fact that the results that ultimately come out cannot really be projected onto humans. The human organism is not comparable to that of an animal and this can have decisive consequences. If a medicament works on a mouse, it does not necessarily mean that it also helps a dog, let alone a human being.

But not only in medicine are carried out animal experiments – the cosmetics industry, for example, also carries out animal testing. Decorative cosmetics such as lipsticks, eyeliner or nail polishes, as well as care cosmetics such as hand creams, soap or shower gels, are tested on animals. We do not want to give you any examples of how this is done, because animal testing is very cruel and we do not want to put disturbing images in your mind. Nowadays there are instead of the numerous animal experiments, also some alternative methods for testing products of side effects. For this purpose, for example, human cell cultures are created with which researchers can reproduce any type of body tissue. In addition, it is even possible to cultivate some human organs in laboratories using particular cell cultures. These alternative methods ensure more accurate tests that are matched to our bodies. The alternative methods are also faster to carry out than animal experiments and are less cost-intensive. In order to be able to recognize cruelty-free cosmetics (e.g. cruelty-free nail polishes) at a glance, there are different seals of approval which facilitate your search. Here you will find a list of different seals of approval: Seals of approval for cosmetic products.

For example, nail polishes are tested to see if they can cause skin irritation or damage the nails. But not only the nail polish itself is tested on animals. Every single ingredient that can be found on the back of the nail polish bottle must be tested beforehand and this usually happens on animals. But animal protection friends can be pleased, there are numerous manufacturers which do not carry out animal experiments and sell cruelty-free nail polishes. These manufacturers do not carry out animal testing on the product or its ingredients, nor do they commission animal testing to third parties. The following link leads you to the list of manufacturers of cruelty-free nail polishes: Cruelty-free nail polish manufacturers.

Today there is already a large selection of manufacturers producing cruelty-free nail polishes. In addition, many manufacturers offer vegan products and even produce halal nail polishes (suitable for Muslimas) and nail polishes suitable for children. Let yourself be surprised by the variety and have a look at our lists of nail polish manufacturers, who sell products which are cruelty-free, vegan, halal and suitable for children.

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